The Metric month is the four-week period of the Quaternary Metric World Calendar which lasts 28 days, with the exception of Central Month in the middle of the year and, once every four years, Late Southwest Month, which last 29 days. Every such month one idea, aphorism or statement suitable as a 'quotation' receives special attention in a trailer of the main document. It is called "the note of the Metric month". Such a 'note' may be serious or profound at one time and funny or light-hearted at another.

Until the 57th year after the end of the Second World War (that is, the year 57 inclusive) the notes of the Metric months were put in one basic file. As this file was getting too long, they are now collected in files which cover four years, that is, 52 notes. The collection starts with the note of the 53rd 'Northern Mid-Yule' (the Model name of Mid-Northeast Month). From 56 aSWW on, the first year of each file is divisible by four.

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