The construction of this 'home' was started 51 years after the end of the Second World War. Altho this latter event has no immediate bearing on the present context, it is an event of major international significance and recognized as real by all regardless of religious, nonreligious or political persuasion.

A year like 51 ASWW is used here in all documents as part of a three-number five-digit code. The first number of this code is the year number, the second the week number, and the third the (week)day number. While the year number is more or less inclusive in that it is not based on any religious ethnically, territorially or otherwise exclusivist calendar, the week and day numbers are genuinely neutral-inclusive in that they are based on the truly global and globally relevant Quaternary Metric Calendar.

The five-digit Year-Week-Day code is the most practical, and given that one always knows the year and the day of the week, easiest to remember as the week number remains the same for seven days. The alternative six-digit Year-Month-Day code is less easy to remember, because even tho one will know the year and the month, the day number changes every day. The YMD code is more formal and suitable for special occasions. When the name instead of the number of the metric month is used it acquires a solemn quality. More information about this can be found in the TRINPsite building.

Perhaps, some people may claim or think that it is not normal to reject 'the' contemporary dating system on denominational grounds and to start using an alternative system on your own or in a small group. But, then, it is these very same people who slavishly and faithfully follow --and who consider it perfectly normal to follow-- the system of someone who rejected a contemporary dating system on denominational grounds and who started using an alternative system on 'er own. That person was Dionysius Exiguus in whose Christianist Era the year 51 ASWW is styled "Anno Domini 1996".


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