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The History and Coat of Arms of the Maigret family

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The history of this ancient Brittany family traces its ancestry as a family of French origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Brittany . This completely researched parchment history of the Maigret family not only includes in full colour the most ancient family name Coat of Arms but traces the surname origin forward from the 11th or 12th century. This beautifully detailed history includes the Maigret nobles & titles, the family castles, estates and manors, the battles, wars and feuds they overcame, the branches as they formed throughout Europe, pioneers and settler's and also the notables of this distinguised family who lived during this century.

Learn more about the Maigret family in this 1700 word beautifully illuminated parchment of this great distinguished family. These parchment scrolls are also recommended as a guide or roadmap of where the family held branches during the centuries for family historians or genealogists.

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