M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[ u n d e r   c o n s t r u c t i o n ]


cabinet(s) K:P1; caboodle(s) B:P2; cage(s) K:P1; cake(s) K:P1; calculate(d) K:P1; call(ed/s) K:P1; call(ed) in I:P2; call(ed) it quits K:P3; calling (card) K:P1; calm K:P1; (as) calm as a cucumber K:P4; calumniate(d) L:P2, EI:S4; calumny/calumnies K:P1; camel(s) K:P1; camelcase(s) K:P1; camera(s) K:P1; camp(ed/s) K:P1; campaign(ed/s) (K:S1) P:P2; can/could K:P1; can(ned/s) K:P1; Canadian(s) N:P2; canal(s) N:P2; canary/canaries N:P2; candidate(s) K:P1, D:S3; candy/candies K:P1; candle(s) K:P1; canine K:P1, N:S2; cap(ped/s) K:P1; caper(s) K:P1; capillary/capillaries K:P1/P:P2; capital K:P1; capitalism K:P1, L:S4; captive(s) K:P1; car(s) K:P1; card(s) K:P1; cardboard K:P1, B:S2; card-carrying K:P1; cardinal K:P1; care(d/s) K:P1; care killed the cat K:P4; career(s) R:P2; careworn K:P1; Caribbean R:P2/K:S1, B:P3; caricatural K:P1, T:S4; caricature(s) K:P1 (T:S4); caries K:P1, EE:S3; carillon(s) K:P1/R:P2 (J:S3/L:S3); carnal K:P1; carousel(s) [or carrousel(s)] K:S1, S:P3; carpet(ed/s) K:P1; carriage K:P1; carrion K:P1; carrion crow(s) K:P1; carry/carried K:P1; carry/carried the can K:P4; carry/carried the cudgel for K:P4; cart(s) K:P1; case(s) K:P1; cash K:P1; cash-and-carry K:P1; (a) cash cow K:P1; cash crop(s) K:P1; cashier(s) SH:P2; casino(s) S:P2 (N:S3) castle(s) K:P1; castrate(d/s) K:P1/ST:P2; cat(s) K:P1; (A) cat may look at a king K:P2, L:S4; cataclysm(s) K:P1; cataclysmic K:P3; catalog(s) [or catalogue(s)] K:P1 (AH:S3/AW:S3); catcall(s) K:P1; catch/caught K:P1; catclaw(s) K:P1; catastrophe(s) T:P2, F:S4; categorical K:S1, G:P3; category/categories K:P1 (G:S2); T:P2; K:P1, N:S3 / T:P2; K:P1, N:S3; (neutrality) T:P2; cat's-claw(s) K:P1; cat's cradle [game] K:P2; cat's-cradle(s) [ribgrass] K:P1; cattle (cake) K:P1; cause(d/s) K:P1; caution(ed/s) K:P1; cavalcade(s) K:P1/K:P3/; cave(s) K:P1; caw(ed) K:P1; cesura(e/s) [or caesura(e/s)][if not pronounced with |ZHU| or |ZHOO|] Z:P2; chagrin(s) [n/v] SH:P1/G:P2; chagrined SH:P1; chagrinned G:P2; chain(s) T:P1; chair(s) T:P1; chaise(s) SH:P1; chalet(s) SH:P1/L:P2; chalk T:P1; chalk(s) T:P1; (as) chalk and / from cheese T:P3; (as) chalk to cheese T:P3; challenge(d) T:P1; chamber(s) T:P1; champion(s) T:P1; chance(d/s) T:P1; change(d) your tune T:P3; changeling(s) T:P1; Chanticleer T:S1, K:P3; K:P1 (AH:S2/ O:S2); character(s) K:P1; charge(d/s) T:P1; charger(s) T:P1; charitable T:P1; charitable institution T:P7 charlatan(s) SH:P1; charm(ed/s) T:P1; chase(d/s) T:P1; chassis SH:P1; chaste T:P1; chaste-tree(s) T:P1; chat(s/ted) T:P1; chauffeur(s) SH:P1/F:P2; cheap T:P1; cheat(ed) T:P1; check(ed) [v] T:P1; check(s) [or cheque(s)] [n] T:P1; cheek(ed/s) T:P1; cheep(ed/s) T:P1; cheer(ed/s) T:P1; cheese(s) T:P1; cheesecake(s) T:P1, K:S2; chef(s) SH:P1; chemical K:P1; chemistry K:P1; cherry/cherries T:P1; cherry [adj] T:P1; cherry-cheesecake [adj] T:P1, K:S3; chess T:P1; chest(s) T:P1; chevron(s) SH:P1; chic SH:P1; chicken(s) T:P1; chide(d) T:P1; chief(s) T:P1; child(ren) T:P1; chime(d) in (with) [v+adv(+prep)] T:S1, I:P2; chime [n] T:P1; chime(s) [n] T:P1; chime(d) [v] T:P1; chimney(s) T:P1; chimpanzee(s) T:S1 [if initial |TSH|]/SH:S1 [if initial |SH|], P:P2/Z:P3; chin(s) T:P1; (the) Chinese T:P1/N:P2; chip(s) T:P1; chirp(ed/s) T:P1; chit(s) T:P1; chitchat(ted) T:P1; chivalrous SH:P1; chivalry SH:P1; chocolate(s) T:P1; choice(s) T:P1; choose/chose(n) T:P1; chop(ped) T:P1; chop(ped) and change(d) T:P1; Christmas K:P1; Christmas cake(s) K:P1; Christmas card(s) K:P1; Christmas cracker(s) K:P1; chthonian TH:P1; chthonic TH:P1; chute(s) SH:P1; cicatrices K:P2/T:P3; cicatrix(es) S:P1/K:P2; cicerone/ciceroni T:S1, R:P3; cigaret(s) [or cigarette(s)] S:P1/R:P3; circumference(s) K:P1; close(d) in I:P2; (-)clad K:P1; claim(ed/s) K:P1; clarion(s) K:P1; clarion call(s) K:P1; clash(ed/es) K:P1; clash of culture(s) K:P3; class(-conscious) K:P1; clay K:P1; clean K:P1; clear K:P1; (as) clear as crystal K:P3; clear-cut K:P1; cleave(d)/cleft/clove/cloven K:P1; cleft(s) K:P1; cleptocracy/cleptocracies [see kleptocracy/kleptocracies] T:P2; cleptocrat(s) [see kleptocrat(s)] K:P1; cleptocratic [see kleptocratic] K:P3; clerk(s) K:P1; clever K:P1; cliff(s) K:P1; climb(ed) K:P1; clime(s) K:P1; clip(ped/s) K:P1; clip-clop K:P1/K:P2; clock(s) K:P1; clockwise K:P1, W:S2; clockwork K:P1, W:S2; clod(s) K:P1; close(-clipped) K:P1; close encounter(s) K:P3; close(d) K:P1; closed corporation(s) K:S1, R:P4; cloth(s) K:P1; clothes K:P1; clothing K:P1; cloud(s) K:P1; cloud-capped K:P1; cloud-cuckoo-land K:P1/K:P2; clover(s) K:P1; club(s) K:P1; coal(s) K:P1; coarse K:P1; coast(s) K:P1; coat(s) K:P1; coat-collar(s) K:P1; cock(s) K:P1; cockcrow(s) K:P1; cockscomb(s) [if a jester's cap also coxcomb(s)] K:P1; coconut(s) K:P1, N:S3; cocoon(ed) K:P2; code(d/s) K:P1; code(s) of conduct K:P3; coffee K:P1; coin(s) K:P1; cold (case) K:P1; cold comfort K:P2; cold cream K:P1; cold cuts K:P1; cold(s) [n] K:P1; collapse(d) L:P2; collar(s) K:P1; colleague(s) K:P1; collect(ed) L:P2; college(s) K:P1; colonel(s) K:P1; color(ed/s) [or colour(ed/s)] K:P1; color-coded [or colour-coded] K:P1; comb(s) K:P1; combat K:P1/B:P2; combated [cp combatted] K:P1; combatted [cp combated] B:P2; combine(d) [v] B:P2; combine(s) [n] K:P1; come/came K:P1; come/came a cropper K:P3; come/came down (on / to / with) D:P2; come hell or high water K:S1, H:P2; come/came in I:P2; come/came into question K:P4; come/came out of (the closet) K:S1; come/came to grips with G:P3; come/came to pass K:S1; come weal or woe W:P2; comely K:P1; comfort(s) K:P1; comment(s) K:P1; commerce K:P1; common (cause) K:P1; common cold K:P1; communal K:P1/M:P2; communication(s) K:P4; communication cord(s) K:P4; communism K:P1, N:S3; company/companies K:P1; compass(es) K:P1; competence K:P1; competition K:S1, T:P3; compound [adj] K:P1; compound(s) [n] K:P1; compromise(d/s) K:P1; concept(s) K:P1; concert(s) K:P1; concoct(ed) K:P2; concoction(s) K:P2; concrete K:P1/ K:P2; concupiscence K:P2; condition(s) D:P2; condolence(s) K:P1/D:P2; conduct [n] K:P1; conduct(ed) [v] D:P2; confess(ed) F:P2; confide(d) (in) F:P2; confide(d) to F:P2; confirm(ed) F:P2; conflict(s) [n] K:P1, F:S2; conflict(ed) [v] K:P1/F:P2; confuse(d) F:P2; congratulation(s) G:S2, L:P4; connect(ed) N:P2; conquer(ed) K:P1; conscience K:P1; conscientious K:S1, E:P3; conscious K:P1; console(s) [n] K:P1; consonant(s) K:P1; constabulary/constabularies ST:P2 (L:S4); constant(s) K:P1; constellation(s) K:S1, L:P3; constitution(s) K:S1, T:P3; consume(d) S:P2 (SH:P2); contain(ed) T:P2; content [adj] T:P2; content(ed) [v] T:P2; content [n] T:P2; content(s) [n] K:P1; contentment T:P2; continue T:P2; contract(s) [n] K:P1; contrast(ed) [v] T:P2; contrast(s) [n] K:P1; contribute(d) T:P2; control(led/s) T:P2; controversy/controversies K:P1/T:P2; convenient V:P2; cook(s) K:P1; cookie(s) [or cooky/cookies] K:P1; cookie cutter(s) K:P1; cool K:P1; cool and calm K:P1; (as) cool as a cucumber K:P4; cop(s) K:P1; cop car(s) K:P1; copestone K:P1; copestone(s) K:P1; copingstone K:P1; copingstone(s) K:P1; copper K:P1; copper-colored [or copper-coloured] K:P1; copper coin(s) K:P1; copulate(d) K:P1 (L:S3); copy/copies K:P1; copy-cat(s) K:P1; cord K:P1; cord(s) K:P1; cord(s) [or chord(s); as part of the body] K:P1; cork K:P1; corn K:P1; corner(s) K:P1; corner-cupboard(s) K:P1; cornucopia(s) K:P3; corollary/corollaries K:P1/R:P2; corporate (culture) K:P1; corporation(s) K:S1, R:P3; correct(ed) R:P2; corrode(d) R:P2; cost(s) K:P1; cost accounting K:P1; (the) cost of living L:P3; cost-of-living (allowance) L:P3; cotton (candy) K:P1; cotton(ed) to K:P1; cotton(ed) on (to) K:S1, AH:P3/O:P3; cotton(ed) up to K:S1, A:P3; cough(ed/s) K:P1; council(s) K:P1; counsel(s) K:P1; count(ed/s) K:P1; count in K:S1, I:P2; count out K:S1, AU:P2; count the cost K:P3; count your beads K:S1, B:P3; counted in K:S1, I:P3; counted out K:S1, AU:P3; counted the cost K:P4; counted your beads K:S1, B:P4; countenance(d/s) K:P1; counteract(ed) K:S1, R:P3/AE:P3; counterattack(ed/s) K:P1, T:S4; counterclaim(ed/s) K:P1; counterclockwise K:P3, W:S4; counterculture(s) K:P1; country/countries K:P1; country club(s) K:P1; county/counties K:P1; county clerk(s) K:P1; couple(d/s) K:P1; courage K:P1; courageous R:P2; courier(s) K:P1; course(s) K:P1; court(s) [n] K:P1; court(ed) [v] K:P1; cover(ed/s) K:P1; cover(ed) in I:P3; cow(s) K:P1; coward(s) K:P1; cowlick(s) K:P1, L:S2; cozy [or cosy] K:P1; cozy/cozied up to [or cosy/cosied] K:S1, A:P3; crab(bed/s) K:P1; crack(ed/s) K:P1; crack(ed) a crib K:P3; cracker(s) K:P1; crackers K:P1; cradle(s) K:P1; cranny/crannies K:P1; crash(ed/es) K:P1; crave(d) (after / for) K:P1; craven(s) K:P1; crawl(ed) K:P1; cream(-colored) [or cream(-coloured)] K:P1; (the) cream of the cream K:P4; (the) cream of the crop K:P4; create(d) EI:P2; creation(s) EI:P2; creationist(s) EI:P2; creativity T:P3; creature(s) K:P1; creature comfort(s) K:P3; credit(s) K:P1; credit account(s) K:P1; credit card(s) K:P1; creep/crept K:P1; crevasse(s) V:P2; crew(s) K:P1; crew cut(s) K:P1; crib(s) K:P1; crime(s) K:P1; criminal(s) K:P1; crisp K:P1; crisscross K:P1; critter(s) K:P1; crock(s) K:P1; crony/cronies K:P1; crony capitalism K:P1; crony communism K:P1; crop(s) K:P1; crook(ed) K:P1; cross(ed/es) K:P1; cross-country K:P1/K:P2/SK:P2; cross-cultural K:P1/SK:P2; crosscurrent(s) K:P1; crosscut(s) K:P1; crossfire K:P1, F:S2; crow(ed) K:P1; crow(s) K:P1; crowd(s) K:P1; crown(ed) K:P1; crownèd [poetic variant] K:P1; crown(s) K:P1; cruel K:P1; cruise(d/s) K:P1; (the) crunch K:P1; crush(ed/es) K:P1; cry/cried/cries K:P1; cry/cried craven K:P2; cry/cried quarter K:P2; cry/cried quits K:P2; crystal clear K:P1; crystal(s) K:P1; crystalline K:P1 (L:S3); ctenoid T:P1, N:S2; ctenophore(s) T:P1, F:S3; cuckoo(s) K:P1; cuckoo clock(s) K:P1; cucumber(s) K:P1; cuddle(d) K:P1; cudgel(s) K:P1; cull(ed/s) K:P1; culture(s) K:P1; culture clash(es) K:P1; cunt(s) K:P1; cup(s) K:P1; cupboard(s) K:P1; curb(ed) K:P1; cure(d/s) K:P1; curiosity/curiosities K:S1, O:P3; curios'ty killed the cat K:P7; curiosity killed the cat [if pron. with a vowel between |s| and |t|] K:P8; curl(ed/s) K:P1; currant(s) K:P1; currant bun(s) K:P1; currant cake(s) K:P1; current (account) K:P1; curse(d/s) K:P1; cursèd [poetic variant] K:P1; cursing K:P1; curst K:P1; curtain(s) K:P1; curve(d/s) K:P1; cuss(ed/es) K:P1; cussed K:P1; custom(s) K:P1; cut(s) K:P1; cut (across) K:P1; cut a caper K:P3; cut corners K:P2; cut costs K:P2; cut to the quick K:P4; cut you to the quick K:P5; cut your coat according to your cloth K:P9; cut your coat to suit your cloth K:P7; cutter(s) K:P1;

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