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Mainland China

  1. 北京, 北京市, 和周围
    Beijing (Peking), Beijing Shi, and environs
    (62 pictures in 1 root and 5 subdirectories)

  2. 广州, 广东
    Guangzhou (Canton), Guangdong
    (47 pictures in 1 root and 2 subdirectories)

  3. 河南省洛阳
    Luoyang, Henan Province
    (34 pictures of five places or areas)

  4. 江苏省南京
    Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
    (97 pictures of six places or areas)
  5. 平遥, 山西, 和周围
    Pingyao, Shanxi, and environs
    (42 pictures in 1 root and 1 subdirectory)

  6. 西安, 陕西, 和周围
    Xi-an (Xi'an), Shaanxi, and environs
    (60 pictures in 1 root and 3 subdirectories)

  7. 阳朔, 广西壮族自治区, 和周围
    Yangshuo, Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu, and environs
    (107 pictures in 1 root and 6 subdirectories)
  8. 坐火车
    By train
    (4 pictures in 1 root directory)

  9. 在中国, 蒙古和西伯利亚上方: 坐飞机
    Over China, Mongolia and Siberia: by plane
    (22 pictures in 1 root directory)

Rural life near the Yulong River

All photos are M. Vincent van Mechelen's copyright and were taken in two Northern summers, 62 and 66 years after the Second World War. They have only been reduced in size; they have not (yet) been photo-processed or altered in any other way. Especially the pictures from the plane on the way from Shanghai to Beijing and (twice) from Beijing to Amsterdam in the Netherlands were taken with the possibility of a more or less extensive further processing in mind.

Click one of the selected photographs above for a first enlargement and a reduction or further enlargement to 12.9 times its width and height. Click one of the geographical links for access to all photographs of a particular area or taken when traveling. You will always be able to choose the background (and sometimes text) colors of a full-body page or representation by means of the color bars at the bottom (for example, if you find a background picture too distracting.) Heart-only representations, which were introduced in 65 aSWW and which are accessible by using one of the four arrow ikons in the corners, are most suitable for looking at enlargements. Their background is a standard dark or light tone.

As a rule the pictures in the public directories on this site are reductions from size 2576x1920 (if horizontal) to 515 or 516x384. (Some of them, taken with an older camera, from 2560 to 512.) In other words they are 20% of the original width and 20% of the original height. The miniatures at the top of this page (reduced to 3.1% in both directions) provide links to copies which are 40% of the original width and height. All backgrounds of the lower-level geographical documents show pictures of the area in question. They consist of a copy of 1024 pixels wide (if horizontal) or 512 pixels wide (if vertical) of which the .jpg quality was reduced to 50%.

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