In this part of the MVVM website you will find two distinct types of interactive puzzles:

At the moment there are the following two sliding block puzzles:

  1. Six by Six Across the Board / De Zes bij Zes op je bord
  2. In Ten Moves / In tien zetten

Among the so-called "crossword" puzzles you will find:

The puzzles in This Language and Deze Taal together vary in size from 8 by 8 to 11 by 11. Below they are listed with the number of words or names, the first clue across and the first clue down:
De interaktieve tweetalige kruiswoordraadsels in Deze Taal en This Language variŽren in grootte van 8 bij 8 tot 11 bij 11. Hier volgt van elk kruiswoordraadsel het aantal woorden of namen, de eerste aanwijzing voor horizontaal en de eerste voor vertikaal:

  1. With a Personal Touch / Met 'n persoonlijke toets
    15 words, starting with 'lauditory lyric poem' and 'person who tends to anticipate good outcomes'
    15 woorden, te beginnen met 'lyrisch lofdicht' en 'iemand die gunstige verwachtingen koestert'
  2. First General One / Eerste algemene
    20 words, starting with 'radio amateur' and 'American fun'
    20 woorden, te beginnen met 'schink' en 'luim'
  3. Second General One / Tweede algemene
    19 words, starting with 'because' and 'supply with weapons'
    19 woorden, te beginnen met 'verbrande turf' en 'behoeftig'
  4. Personal Given Names for Everybody (M/F) / Persoonlijke voornamen voor iedereen (v/m)
    21 personal names, starting with 'gift from Southern Africa' and 'blackbird'. You will find with different names at TRINPsite
    21 persoonsnamen, te beginnen met 'gift van Zuidelijk Afrika' en 'merel'

The cross-sentence puzzle in Zhezhong Yuyan is of size 10 by 10. Clues are given in This Language, then entered in Pinyin syllables (with numbers instead of tone marks) and automatically converted to Hanzi characters, except for homonyms. In the case of homonymic syllables the choice of character is left to the user. Below the present puzzle is listed with the number of sentences, the first clue across and the first clue down:

  1. With a Personal Touch
    12 sentences, starting with 'Is that poem about the two that will always be new any good?' and 'Whose is that neutral, but perhaps not impartial, philosophy?', altogether 68 characters of which 58 different ones

Similar sliding puzzles and crosswords can be found at TRINPsite:

  • 'three-square cover-uncover sliding puzzles' involving Pythagorean triples

  • in This Language and of size 11 by 11

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