To the north of Yangshuo

Various views of the region


The Civilized Village of Shibanqiao


"Shi Ban Qiao In Brief"
   "Just one kilometres away north of Yangshuo town by the very beautiful Li-river, there is a village named Shi Ban Qiao, one of the village of Zhanggui, Yangshuo County. This village located on the small mountains, surrounded by green hills and fruit trees. Row upon row of houses are built on the ridges. This village was set up about 200 years ago. At first, it had no name, and the name came out later from a stone bridge cross the stream in front of the village. [Shi2=stone, ban3=board/plank and qiao2=bridge]
   Nowadays, there are four different surname families about 34 households, 146 persons live in this village. The whole village shares paddy rice fields and dry land 95 MU each, forest land 550 MU. What's more, here already set up a branch of the Communist Party with 7 party members and an audiovisual education centre the party members.
   In these days, based on the strong and efficient internet service, and were guide by the market, the villagers have been readjusting the industrial structures of agriculture, readjusted almost 200 MU paddy rice fields or forest land into fruits land. The main kinds of fruits are grapefruit, orange, mandarin, and some better new brands of fruit trees were introduced too. So the total output of fruit has reached 260 tons each year, added aquatic and the other incomes the average income has reached [yuan] 3200.
   With the steady increasing of economic income, the residents want higher living levels. Now every household has cable TV progams, and this village has 30 concrete buildings, 27 methane-generating pits and rebuilt kitchens and toilets of 15 households. Beside 20 family telephones and 9 mobile phones, there are still 4 family vehicles and 16 motor-cycles. Since 2001, they have finished the village-round concrete path about 1400 meters long. Recently, all the households of this village are collecting the funds to harden the road around their houses and make the environment cleaner and neater.
   Therefore this village was not only titled as 'Shi Ban Qiao Developed Village' by the Town Communist Party and Government in 2000, but titled as 'Civilized Village' by the County and Municipal Communist Party and Government."


   "Shibanqiao is a model village of a good living standard, of peace and prosperity"

也看‘文明,但不闻名了 (Wenming, dan bu wenming le)


A hamlet across the hill from Shi

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