They try
to divide this planet
amongst themselves.
Christians and Muslims only
are counted and supposed to exist,
tho not intolerant to the Jews of the Book.
In name united by di- vine myths and stories,
in nature sadly torn apart by equally sacred ones,
they spread the terror and they attempt to stop it,
with more troops and arms, more taxpayers' money,
more police surveillance, more Abrahamic strife,
more state religion, more law and order
under their dominion, much less legitimacy,
and a truth raped by faith and force.
If unchallenged in their unchecked zeal,
they will share this life on Earth
with no-one no more
in the end.

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M. Vincent van Mechelen    

The pronouns they and their in this poem do not always refer to the same individuals or group(s). However, they concern people or organizations who favor Christians and Muslims with or without Judaists and discriminate against non-Christian non-Muslims with or without Judaists. (One such organization is the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies that celebrates a World Red Cross Red Crescent Day, which may more aptly be called "a Red Cross Red Crescent World Division Day".)

For the twin version of this poem in Zhezhong Yuyan see Shende Huafen.

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