Tongue front cover Vincent van Mechelen

Tongue Collection of Poems / 通诗选 / Tonggedichtenbundel

POD paperback
ISBN: 978-90-817735-2-2

From here you have direct access to the following poems in This Language (in reverse chronological order):

  1. What's in a Name?
    An answer to Romeo and Juliet after 420 years
  2. A Sense of History with Historisch Besef, a parallel version in Deze Taal
    Not really a good advertisement for oranges
  3. Masturbate or Exacerbate
    From the solo sex of humans to the gender of 'rhyme'
  4. What the Sad One Said
    Bad at grammar and pronunciation is not that irrelevant
  5. Ring Out, Clear Bells
    If Alfred Tennyson is able to turn in 'his' grave, 'he' will much better understand this poem
  6. At Eighty I Should Give Up
    Give up what? Definitely not something Kong Fuzi (Confucius) did!
  7. Turning Time
    Would the ability to turn time back be an unqualified pleasure?
  8. A Sparrow's Extraordinary Sonnet
    When is World Sedentary Birds' Day?
  9. The Moppers with De dweilers, a parallel version in Deze Taal
    Mopping up an 'ocean' of gall and blood with a handkerchief
  10. Vincent's Ravens
    A translation of Sonja van Mechelen's Raven van Vincent
  11. Russian Gas
    Gassing is alright again, now in Russia
  12. Francis Preaching to the Animals
    A narrative poem in which animals do listen to the Word of God
  13. 红、光、亮 in Zhezhong Yuyan and its translation into This Language: Red, Light and Bright
    Is it the redness, lightness and brightness of the Middle Path, of neutralism, of China or, perhaps, of all three?
  14. The Body is a Stone
    About a person's material and only component part
  15. The Family Non-planners
    Breeding is necessary to maintain a natural equilibrium, but what does a lack of family planning breed?
  16. What If There Were No Ash?
    The superfluity of this poem depends on the superfluity of its ashes
  17. Jesus' Sib (beginning only)
    Jesus' younger brother about his manna dream in the year 1837 of the Christianist Era
  18. Nitassinan, Our Earth
    Nitassinan means and does not mean "our Earth"
    (The song can also be listened to as an *.mp3 file.)
  19. The Elephant in the Room
    Now for some extra attention for the main cause of the world's environmental degradation
  20. Tunnel Vision
    On the viewpoint of zealous and pedantic theocentrists
  21. The Lay of This Our Language (in This Language) / 我们这种语言 (in Zhezhong Yuyan) / Door Deze Taal verbonden (in Deze Taal)
    Three language acrostics
  22. Hema, the River Horse with 河马和我, a parallel version in Zhezhong Yuyan
    Not really about a hippopotamus
  23. Divine Division with 神的划分, a parallel version in Zhezhong Yuyan
    It is still possible to write and read this poem on Earth, is it?
  24. The Two That Will Always Be New with De twee altijd nieuwen, a parallel version in Deze Taal
    Inspired by an Arabic poem of more than fourteen centuries ago
    (Can also be listened to as an *.mp3 file.)
  25. Terrific Present
    A poem in which the attack on the New York World Trade Center is put in a global and historical perspective
  26. Billbodies
    About the plight of living billboards
  27. The Loaf-Guards
    Alas, not an entirely peerless piece of writing
  28. My Pussy
    About my (late) cat, a 'diviine puussy'

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