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I'm not a religious racist:
My god is grey, white, brown and black.
I'm not a familiar sexist:
My god is a female, unlike me.
I'm not a sort of speciesist:
My goddess is a cat,
Uncreated in my own image.

A cat can't even speak, you say?
Maybe, my cat doesn't speak your way,
But does the god of man's Pentacle
Converse with you in nature's voice?
Animals aren't meant to communicate,
Perhaps, in the words of haughty humans
Unwilling to broaden their horizons.

A cat can't be omniscient, you say?
Maybe, my cat isn't omniscient your way,
But does the god of man's Cross
Know everything under nature's sun?
Where science and reason don't count,
Omniscience is a haven for the naive
Hallowing their common ignorance.

A cat can't be omnipotent, you say?
Maybe, my cat isn't omnipotent your way,
But does the god of man's Crescent
Have full power over nature's events?
While strength may be needed as a tool,
Omnipotence is the creed of creatures
Confusing physical means and final ends.

What cat is as beneficent and virtuous
As a god ought to be, you say?
Maybe, my cat isn't so beneficent, virtuous,
As a goddess ought to be, and stay.
But what god, man or woman, is?
My cat never wills those who don't love her
To burn in a lake of fire and brimstone, or
To be caught and slain before her very eyes.
At least my cat is that good a living being!

So, i say unto you,
If gods exist, then there is no god,
And only one goddess:
She's a multicolored female feline --
Myy diviine puussy.

M. Vincent van Mechelen


Danny is dead
On the 23rd day of the 54th Early Southwest Month after the Second World War (54.44.2) Danny, 'my pussy' in the poem, died at the age of about thirteen and a half years due to an unexpected fatal illness.
'Er body was returned to nature, 'er memory lives on in culture, among other things in the above poem in This Language and in Kat op de trein, a short story in Deze Taal.

Second picture of Danny

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