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Give luck a chance!
 Geef het toeval 'n kans! 

This pentalingual, mainly bilingual or trilingual, private Internet site is called "MVVM-site" in This Language, "MVVM-sijt" in Deze Taal and "文森特的网站" (Wénsēntè de Wǎngzhàn) in 这种语言, that is, Zhèzhǒng Yǔyán. MVVM are the initials of the owner: Machiel Vincent van Mechelen. 这个网站的主人是文森特范美赫轮。

The first files were made accessible to the general public at ~mvvm, in the 51st year after the end of the Second World War. Five years later, on 56.24.1, all files were moved to what is now Again five years later, on 61.49.4, MVVM-site received its own domain name: (with or without www). All links to other pages are either site-internal or connecting to TRINPsite. At the moment MVVM-site comprises 882 internally linked public files, of which about 646 different or 'unique' ones:

*.htm text (nodal)  97 54
*.html text (nodal) 19 17
*.HTM text (basic) 268 267
*.txt text 7 7
*.pdf text 1 0
*.css style sheet 10 6
*.js JavaScript 30 19
*.ico ikon 10 4
*.gif/jpg/png picture 405 241
*.jpg photo in a series    
*.mp3 sound (separate) 35 31
*.MP3 sound (collected)    

  • Links to pages already visited (in a parent window) and still in cache are highlighted in yellow on screen (provided your browser keeps full track of recent history).
  • The photos, that is, .jpg files in the Zhongguo folder and subfolders are mentioned but they are not listed separately, nor included in the totals, when part of a series. See below for further details
  • The sound files of Sound/Box1 are mentioned but none of them listed separately, nor included in the totals (again). See MP3 Collection for further details
  • Proxy text files and proxy pictures are neither listed nor counted separately: except for a general instruction and universal site link, such text files consist of no more than a complete (proxy) image of a source text file to which the picture provides a direct link
  • Some files are parts or combinations of other files, a few text files are special versions of graphic files, and many picture files are the same but need not be the same at a later date
  • The table above and the lists below do not include technical files which redirect folder grabblers, nor technical files at old, discontinued addresses which only refer to the new address of a page, nor any file in the directories Info/Repl/ or Info/Temp/, nor specific files in JS/GP/
  • The names of files are no more than 8 characters long, the names of directories are no more than about 4 characters long (with a few exceptions)
  • the default encoding is ANSI for documents in This Language or Deze Taal; the default encoding is UC for documents in Zhezhong Yuyan; in special cases ANSI or UC may be added to indicate that the text, style sheet or script file has been saved in ANSI (instead of Unicode) or Unicode (instead of ANSI)


nodal *.htm files

1WBRKanL.htm (Vincent's Microblog / 文森特的微博客 / Vincents Mikroblog)
AdLinkL1.htm   AdLinkR1.htm   AdLinkT1.htm [to be replaced with Info/VLP files]
Picture text files (accessible via Art/Foto.htm):
  Art/Foto.htm (Photos and Albums / 照片和相册 / Foto's en albums)
  Art/Foto/Album.htm (Photo Albums / 相册 / Fotoalbums)
  Art/Foto/Geo/Braz.htm (Views of Brazil / Beelden van Brazilië)
  Art/Foto/Geo/SAfr.htm (Views of Southern Africa / Beelde van Suidelik Afrika)
  Art/Foto/Geo/SAfr/KwaZ-Nat.htm (Views of / Beelde van KwaZulu-Natal)
  Art/Foto/Geo/SAfr/Mpumal.htm (Views of / Beelde van Mpumalanga)
  Art/Foto/Geo/SAfr/Swazilnd.htm (Views of / Beelde van Swaziland)
  Art/Foto/Geo/SAfr/WestCape.htm (Views of the Western Cape / die Wes-Kaap)
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong.htm (Views of China / 在中国照的像片)
Art/Paint/Rien.htm (Schilderijen van / Paintings by Rien van Mechelen)
Art/Paint/Sonj.htm (Schilderijen van / Paintings by Sonja van Mechelen)
Documents in This Language only (accessible via En.htm):
  En.htm (Main Document)
  En/AdLinkL1.htm   En/AdLinkR1.htm   En/AdLinkT1.htm [to be replaced with Info/VLP files]
  En/MNI.htm (Model of Neutral-Inclusivity)
  En/Poetry.htm (Poems)
  En/ShSt.htm (Short Stories)
  Pow2/ExEx.htm (The Exponents of Explodism)
  Tong/ThL/Dict.htm (Spelling and Stress Dictionary)
  Tong/ThL/Fict/Triptych.htm (Triptych of Times)
  Tong/ThL/Note.htm (Notes and Papers)
  Tong/ThL/Note/Math.htm (Mathematical Notes and Papers)
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo.htm (Notes of the Metric Months)
  Tong/ThL/Note/Pow2.htm (The Powers of Two)
  Tong/ThL/Time.htm (Chronology)
  Tong/ThL/Time/Metric.htm (The Metric Calendar, a Metric Diary)
FileList.htm (this 'meta-file')
Random-viewing text files (used in FileList.htm):
  FileRndC.htm (to check certain browser capabilities)
  FileRndH.htm (for horizontal frames)
  FileRndM.htm (for main frame in FileRndH.htm and FileRndV.htm)
  FileRndR.htm (for right frame in FileRndV.htm)
  FileRndT.htm (for top frame in FileRndH.htm)
  FileRndV.htm (for vertical frames)
indBott.htm (technical page for right-frame viewing / technische pagina voor bezichtiging in 'n rechterdeelraam)
indLeft.htm (copy of / kopie van index.htm for left frame of / voor linkerdeelraam van indMult.htm)
indMult.htm (technical page for right-frame viewing / technische pagina voor bezichtiging in 'n rechterdeelraam)
indRight.htm (for page in right frame of / voor pagina in rechterdeelraam van indMult.htm)
Variable linking pages (not unique) / Variabele doorverbindingspagina's (niet uniek):
  Info/VLP/BotL1.htm (to (for nodal En files)
  Info/VLP/BotL2.htm (to (for nodal bi files)
  Info/VLP/BotL3.htm (to Nl/Zaken/Euro/Start.HTM) (for nodal Nl files)
  Info/VLP/BotL6.htm (to (for basic En files)
  Info/VLP/BotL7.htm (to (for basic bi files)
  Info/VLP/BotL8.htm (to Nl/Zaken/Euro/Start.HTM) (for basic Nl files)
  Info/VLP/BotR1.htm (to (nodal, En)
  Info/VLP/BotR2.htm (to (nodal, bi)
  Info/VLP/BotR3.htm (to (nodal, Nl)
  Info/VLP/BotR6.htm (to (basic, En)
  Info/VLP/BotR7.htm (to (basic, bi)
  Info/VLP/BotR8.htm (to (basic, Nl)
  Info/VLP/TopC1.htm (to (nodal, En)
  Info/VLP/TopC2.htm (to (nodal, bi)
  Info/VLP/TopC3.htm (to (nodal, Nl)
  Info/VLP/TopC6.htm (to (basic, En)
  Info/VLP/TopC7.htm (to (basic, bi)
  Info/VLP/TopC8.htm (to (basic, Nl)
Multiple viewing technical pages / Technische pagina's voor meervoudig zicht:
  MeerZHor.htm (meervoudig zicht vanaf hoofdpagina)
  MeerZigt.htm (tekstpagina voor m. z. vanaf hoofdpagina)
  MeerZVer.htm (meervoudig zicht vanaf hoofdpagina)
  MultVert.htm (multiple viewing from main document)
  MultVHor.htm (multiple viewing from main document)
  MultView.htm (text page for m. v. from main document)
Pagina's alleen in Deze Taal (toegankelijk via Nl.htm):
  Nl.htm (Hoofdpagina)
  Nl/AdLinkL1.htm   Nl/AdLinkR1.htm   Nl/AdLinkT1.htm [to be replaced with Info/VLP files]
  (Nl/Stamboom/Genealog/Maigret.htm /VanDoorn.htm /VanEsch.htm /Vlaming.htm)
  Tong/DzT/Aant.htm (Aantekeningen)
  Tong/DzT/Aant/AvdM.htm (Aantekeningen van de Maand)
  Tong/DzT/Proza.htm (Korte verhalen)
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MK&SM/Brief.htm (Briefwisseling Curaçao-Nederland, 3 nTWO)
  Tong/DzT/Tijd.htm (Datering en kaarten)
Files of the Vocabulary of Alliteration
  Poet/VocAll.htm (main document)
  Poet/VocABott.htm & .../VocAMult.htm (technical pages for right-frame viewing)
Sound.htm (Sound Files)
Tong/Tong.htm [UC] (Tongue Collection of Poems / 通诗选 / Tonggedichtenbundel) Translation guidelines (accessible via Tong/ThL/Translat.htm):
  Tong/ThL/Translat.htm [ANSI] (Directions for Translation)
  Tong/ZzY/Fanyi.htm [UC] (Guidelines for Zhezhong Yuyan)
Chinese picture text files (accessible via Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong.htm):
  Zhongguo/Beijing.htm (Beijing and Environs)
  Zhongguo/Guangzh.htm (Guangzhou)
  Zhongguo/HuoFei.htm (By Train and by Plane)
  Zhongguo/Luoyang.htm (Luoyang)
  Zhongguo/Nanjing.htm (Nanjing)
  Zhongguo/Nanjing/Bowuyuan.htm (Nanjing Museum)
  Zhongguo/Nanjing/Zongtong.htm (Presidential Palace)
  Zhongguo/Pingyao.htm (Pingyao and Environs)
  Zhongguo/Xi-an.htm (Xi-an and Environs)
  Zhongguo/Yangshuo.htm (Yangshuo and Environs)
  Zhongguo/Yangshuo/Beibian.htm (To the North of Yangshuo)

nodal *.html files

index.html (copy of index.htm)
intext.html (hist. doc. from 51.41.4)(not unique)
Pagina's alleen in Deze Taal (toegankelijk via Nl.htm):
  Nl/Stamboom/1/0.html & .../1/1.html
  Nl/Stamboom/1/0/0.html & .../1/0/1.html & .../1/1/0.html & .../1/1/1.html
  Nl/Stamboom/1/0/1/1.html & .../1/1/0/0.html & .../1/1/0/1.html & .../1/1/1/1.html
  Nl/Stamboom/1/1/0/0/0.html & .../1/1/0/1/1.html & .../1/1/1/1/0.html & .../1/1/1/1/1.html
  Nl/Stamboom/1/1/1/1/1/0.html & .../1/1/1/1/1/1.html
  Nl/Stamboom/MVVM.html (56.42.6)

basic text files (graphic *.HTM and nongraphic *.txt or *)

The date is the Metric one on which the document was newly added
  • if not filled in, this was before 57.04.4 (Gregorian 15 January 2002 ChrE)
  • if between parentheses, the file was originally at a different location
Documents in This Language only (accessible via En.htm):
  En/MNI/BoF1-3.txt (59.04.1) Book of Fundamentals, Part I
  En/MNI/BoF4-6.txt (59.04.1) Book of Fundamentals, Part II
  En/MNI/BoI1-3.txt 59.04.7 Book of Instruments, Part I
  En/MNI/BoI4-6.txt 59.05.2 Book of Instruments, Part II
  En/MNI/BoI7-9.txt 59.05.3 Book of Instruments, Part III
  En/MNI/BoS1-6.txt (59.04.1) Book of Symbols
  En/MNI/Model.txt 59.05.4 Contents, Preface and Epilogue
  En/Poetry/Billbody.HTM (58.23.5) 'Billbodies'
  En/Poetry/Loafgrds.HTM (57.37.7) 'The loaf-guards'
  En/Poetry/MyPussy.HTM 50.30.2 'My pussy'
  En/Poetry/Present.HTM 57.36.1 'Terrific present'
  En/ShSt/QuAn/Amazing.HTM 59.49.4 'The Amazing Retecool'
  En/ShSt/QuAn/EdgeHelp.HTM 64.16.4 'Why did the edge not help Holland?'
  En/ShSt/QuAn/GodsOwn.HTM (64.13.7) 'God's own money'
  En/ShSt/QuAn/Kennels.HTM 59.49.6 'Eight and eighty beautiful kennels'
  Pow2/ExEx/Indi/StevenAnderson.HTM 74.19.3 'Steven Anderson 7 times'
  Pow2/ExEx/Land/Country.HTM (73.23.4) 'The exponents of explodism by country'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/QuAn/FreeWill.HTM 71.49.1 'Free will, yes or no?'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/CurseHam.HTM 69.21.6 'The Curse of Ham Street'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/DarkAges.HTM (57.25.3) 'Lovers' comments from the Dark Ages'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/Derailm.HTM (60.05.4) 'A derailment in the Rockies'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/FallDay.HTM (54.43.7) 'Fall day'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/HPotch01.HTM (61.17.2) 'Orange hotchpotch'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/Immanuel.HTM (55.49.5) 'What shall we call the child?'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/OWilde.HTM (51.37.3) 'Oscar Wilde's last letter to Alfred Douglas'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/Rainbow.HTM 70.06.7 'Rainbow straightened out'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/Sparrow.HTM (55.01.4) 'A sparrow in Northumbria'
  Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/WhatAreU.HTM 66.17.5 'But what are you?'
  Tong/ThL/Note/AfriBibl.HTM 71.20.6 'Afrikaans or the Bible?'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Esperant.HTM 66.46.1 'Esperanto not suitable'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Evangel.HTM 66.09.6 'Should you answer evangelists ...'
  Tong/ThL/Note/FreeExpr.HTM (59.51.2) 'Freedom bears everything, except erosion'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Gangbang.HTM 73.28.1 'The gangbang of the lily'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Heineken.HTM 69.44.4 'The Orange Heineken connection'
  Tong/ThL/Note/HWindsor.HTM 67.36.2 'Harry Windsor's ducks and drakes'
  Tong/ThL/Note/KantImm.HTM 78.08.1 'Will Kant be immortal?'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Math/Base4Pi.HTM (67.13.5) 'The irrelevance of denary arithmetic and the riddle of pi's repetend'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Math/Chong.HTM 67.27.7 'The chong operators -- a universalization in arithmetic'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Math/FinDigit.HTM 67.19.1 'Final digit information in different numeral systems'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Math/NEP2Cycl.HTM 77.14.3 'The final digits of the negative powers of two'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Math/P2Theory.HTM 75.37.5 'The powers of two in number theory'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Math/Rectangl.HTM 67.20.2 'The quaternary rectangular representation of product integers'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Math/Terminol.HTM 67.24.5 'A substantive terminology for sequences and cycles'
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/Y52-55.HTM (53.09.1) Notes of the Metric months from 53 to 55 aSWW
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/Y56-59.HTM (53.09.1) Notes of the Metric months from 56 to 59 aSWW
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/Y60-63.HTM (60.07.7) Notes of the Metric months from 60 to 63 aSWW
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/Y64-67.HTM (64.01.1) Notes of the Metric months from 64 to 67 aSWW
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/Y68-71.HTM 68.01.2 Notes of the Metric Months from 68 to 71 aSWW
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/Y72-75.HTM 72.17.1 Notes of the Metric Months from 72 to 75 aSWW
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/Y76-79.HTM 76.01.4 Notes of the Metric Months from 76 aSWW
  Tong/ThL/Note/NethLand.HTM 68.01.4 'Holland or the Netherlands?'
  Tong/ThL/Note/PayPal.HTM 67.11.3 'Is PayPal the client's pal or the censor's?'
  Tong/ThL/Note/PhilName.HTM (55.47.3) 'The philosopher whose name will forever remain ...'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Pow2/LeaveBeh.HTM 74.03.3 'How many should you leave behind?'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Pow2/Terminol.HTM 73.26.7 'The Powers of Two: Terminology'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Sacrific.HTM 73.16.1 'Kusumo's and Abraham's Sacrifices'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Sentence.HTM 71.41.1 'Two sentences'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Short.HTM (51.16.2) Short Notes
  Tong/ThL/Note/WestHemi.HTM 75.52.3 'The fourth discovery of the Western Hemisphere'
  Tong/ThL/Note/Without.HTM 67.23.2 'Christmas to Pentecost without substance'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Ash.HTM (66.27.7) 'What if there were no ash'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/AtEighty.HTM 74.40.7 'At eighty i should give up'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/BateBate.HTM 75.47.4 'Masturbate or exacerbate'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Course.HTM 78.47.3 'In the course of time'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Elephant.HTM (63.32.6) 'The elephant in the room'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Erratum.HTM 79.20.1 'The last erratum'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Francis.HTM 68.43.5 'Francis preaching to the animals'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Moppers.HTM 70.03.5 'The moppers'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Nonplan.HTM 66.28.5 'The family non-planners'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Orange.HTM 76.11.6 'A sense of history'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/Ravens.HTM 69.20.5 'Vincent's ravens'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/RingOut.HTM 75.13.4 'Ring out, clear bells'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/RussGas.HTM 69.06.1 'Russian gas'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/SadOne.HTM 75.29.4 'What the sad one said'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/TheTwo.HTM (59.04.5) 'The Two Always New Ones'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/TunnVis.HTM 63.23.3 'Tunnel vision'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/TurnTime.HTM 71.22.4 'Turning time'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/WhatName.HTM 76.21.5 'What's in a name?'
  Tong/ThL/Poem/WSB_Day.HTM 70.41.5 'A sparrow's extraordinary sonnet'
  Tong/ThL/Poems/Body.HTM 67.04.7 'The body is a stone'
  Tong/ThL/Poems/Division.HTM 61.41.7 'Divine division'
  Tong/ThL/Poems/JesusSib.HTM 64.49.6 'Jesus' Sib' (beginning only)
  Tong/ThL/Poems/OurEarth.HTM 64.36.3 'Nitassinan, Our Earth'
  Tong/ThL/Poems/RivHorse.HTM 62.08.4 'Hema, the river horse'
  Tong/ThL/Poems/ThisLang.HTM 63.02.4 The lay of This Our Language
  Tong/ThL/Time/Date.HTM (57.12.7) 'Go global, go metric!'
  Tong/ThL/Time/Exiguus.HTM (57.11.6) 'Exiguus' era'
  Tong/ThL/Time/NewYearC.HTM (58.02.5) Perpetual New Year card
  Tong/ThL/Time/Year.HTM (55.01.4) 'Year started'
Documents in two or more languages / Pagina's in twee of meer talen:
  Art/Foto/Album/TRNPsite.HTM 68.23.1 TRINPsite Album of Webpages
  Art/Foto/Geo/Braz/APNegra.HTM 60.35.7 'Selling Art/Kunstverkoop in Ponta Negra'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Braz/Brennand.HTM 60.36.1 'Brennand Museum near/bij Recife'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Braz/Change.HTM 60.36.1 'Change is Marching On / De verandering rukt op'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Braz/CJPessoa.HTM 60.35.7 'Near the Old Center of / Bij het oude centrum van Joao Pessoa'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Braz/OhLinda.HTM 60.35.7 '"Oh, pretty / O, mooi Olinda!"'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Braz/ScenBrk.HTM 60.35.7 'Scenery with Brook / Landschap met beek'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Braz/Yemanja.HTM 60.36.1 'Yemanja, Goddess of the Sea / godin van de zee'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/Luoyang1.HTM 66.47.3 '洛阳老城区 / The Old Town of Luoyang'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/N2E2A380.HTM 62.37.2 '西安 / Xi-an City Wall'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/N2F2A100.HTM 62.38.1 '慕田峪 / The Long Wall at Mutianyu'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/N2F2A234.HTM 62.39.1 '长江 / Crossing the Yangtze River'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/N2F2B170.HTM 62.37.1 '平遥 / The Town of Pingyao'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/N2F2B316.HTM 62.37.7 '阳朔 / Yangshuo Park in Yangshuo'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/N2F2D321.HTM 62.37.7 '广州 / Shamian Island in Guangzhou'
  Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/Nanjing1.HTM 66.41.1 '南京 / Nanjing City Wall'
  Art/Paint/Rien/CrATaf.HTM 59.48.4 'Creole Woman at Table' / 'Creoolsche aan Tafel'
  Art/Paint/Rien/Geslui.HTM 59.48.4 'Veiled' / 'Gesluierd'
  Art/Paint/Rien/PrtMch.HTM 59.48.4 'Portrait Vincent' / 'Portretje Machiel'
  Art/Paint/Rien/.PrtSonHTM 59.48.4 'Portrait Sonja' / 'Portret Sonja'
  Art/Paint/Rien/SpBron.HTM 59.48.4 'Spanish Well' / 'Spaanse Bron'
  Art/Paint/Rien/Verzet.HTM 59.48.4 'Resistance' / 'Verzet'
  Art/Paint/Rien/WNRamp.HTM 60.31.4 'Disastrous Flood' / 'Watersnoodramp'
  Art/Paint/Sonj/DDames.HTM 60.31.7 'Three Ladies in a Park' / 'Drie Dames in 'n Park'
  Art/Paint/Sonj/GebGst.HTM 59.07.1 'The Mountains of the Mind' / 'Het Gebergte van de Geest'
  Art/Paint/Sonj/Harmon.HTM 60.41.7 'Harmony' / 'Harmonie'
  Art/Paint/Sonj/HerMor.HTM 59.07.1 'Autumn Morning' / 'Herfstmorgen'
  Art/Paint/Sonj/Katedr.HTM 60.31.5 'The Alliance of Cathedrals' / 'Het Verbond der Katedralen'
  Art/Paint/Sonj/LosAar.HTM 59.07.1 'Detached from the Earth' / 'Los van de Aarde'
  Art/Paint/Sonj/VrkNrd.HTM 59.07.1 'Explorations in the North' / 'Verkenningen in het Noorden'
  Art/Paint/Vincent.HTM 60.31.4 'Tears of Sorrow' / 'Tranen van Verdriet'
  Art/Pict/Creation.HTM 63.46.7 'Androcentric Creationist Fantasies' / 'Androcentrisch-Kreationistische Fantasieën'
  Art/Pict/Highways.HTM 73.30.2 'Highways to Dale of Degradation' / 'Snelwegen naar Dal van Verval'
  Game/Pzzl/CrssW001.HTM 56.49.7 Crossword / Kruiswoordraadsel #1
  Game/Pzzl/CrssW002.HTM 57.30.2 Crossword / Kruiswoordraadsel #2
  Game/Pzzl/CrssW003.HTM 57.30.3 Crossword / Kruiswoordraadsel #3
  Game/Pzzl/CrssW004.HTM 60.14.6 Crossword / Kruiswoordraadsel #4
  Game/Pzzl/JuMi001.HTM 62.05.6 'Cross-Sentence' Puzzle in Zhezhong Yuyan #1
  Game/Pzzl/SlBl/SB06N001.HTM 66.11.5 Sliding Puzzle /Schuifpuzzel #1
  Game/Pzzl/SlBl/SB06N002.HTM 66.11.5 Sliding Puzzle /Schuifpuzzel #2
  Info/ActCont.HTM 59.48.3 Active Content of Text Files / Aktieve inhoud van tekstbestanden
  Info/VincentVanMechelen.HTM (54.20.4) Pers. info of/van Vincent van Mechelen
  Nl/Zaken/Euro/Grondwet.HTM 60.20.2 'For a Euro(pe) free from state religionism' / Voor 'n Euro(pa) vrij van staatsreligionisme
  Sound/Box1.HTM 61.03.5 MP3 collection/-verzameling
  Tong/DzT/Vertaal.HTM 61.28.2 Guidelines for/Richtlijnen voor Deze Taal
Pagina's alleen in Deze Taal (toegankelijk via Nl.htm):
  Nl/Poezie/GrafKrem.HTM 53.30.6 'Als mijn graf nog leeg is ...'
  Nl/Poezie/JoelKalk.HTM 51.41.4 'Het Joelfeest der kalkoenen'
  Nl/Poezie/Tranen.HTM 51.41.5 'Tranen over de rand'
  Nl/Poezie/ZyHelpen.HTM 52.37.2 'Zij helpen, zij maken'
  Nl/Stamboom/0/PoezieGT.HTM 51.41.5 (geannoteerde tekstversie)
  Nl/Stamboom/0/Poezie.HTM (niet uniek) 51.31.5 'Enkele gedichten van Sonja van Mechelen'
  Nl/Stamboom/1/1/1/1/1/CJ1752.HTM 51.32.1 'Omstreeks 1752 CJ'
  Nl/Stamboom/19Juli48.HTM 51.40.1 '19 Juli 1948 CJ / 3.30.7 nTWO'
  Nl/Stamboom/HistFig.HTM 51.38.7 'Historische (rand)figuren'
  Nl/Tijd/Exiguus.HTM 51.36.7 'De jaartelling van Exiguus'
  Nl/Tijd/Exiguus.txt (niet uniek) 51.36.7 (historisch dokument)
  Nl/Tijd/Jaar.HTM 54.52.1 'Het begin van 'n nieuw huis en 'n nieuwe datering'
  Nl/Zaken/Euro/Kaping.HTM 62.49.3 Kaping Europese grondwet mislukt
  Nl/Zaken/Euro/Start.HTM 54.20.1 Het randschrift op de euro
  Nl/Zaken/Euro/Vals.HTM 60.46.3 Spelfouten op valse munt
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/AHROHD.HTM 59.47.5 'The Amazing H. R. of Holland Donation'
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/DVolcsc.HTM 59.41.5 'n Artikel in Deeuwighe Volcscourant
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/Encyklop/ PKlerks.HTM 60.26.7 Patrick Klerks
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/EzelReet.HTM (60.07.4) 'Het Ezelproces toen, het Reetproces nu'
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/InGeluid.HTM (60.03.4) '(Klepto)montages in geluid'
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/Klaroen.HTM (60.13.4) 'Laat de klaroenen nu schallen'
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/OverLijk.HTM (60.01.4) 'Hubert Roth gaat weer over lijken'
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/Respijt.HTM (60.05.4) 'Respijt voor het klaroengeschal'
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/Start.HTM 59.28.4 'Retekool en luierwerk'
  Nl/Zaken/Retecool/Teystrgr.HTM 59.49.5 'n Artikel in De Teystergraeph
  Tong/DzT/Aant/Afbreken.HTM 76.07.2 'Afbreken moeilijker dan opbouwen'
  Tong/DzT/Aant/AvdM/J52-55.HTM (52.33.1) Aantekeningen van de Maand van 52 tot 55 nTWO
  Tong/DzT/Aant/AvdM/J56-59.HTM (56.01.1) Aantekeningen van de Maand van 56 tot 59 nTWO
  Tong/DzT/Aant/AvdM/J60-63.HTM (60.08.1) Aantekeningen van de Maand van 60 tot 63 nTWO
  Tong/DzT/Aant/AvdM/J64-67.HTM (64.01.1) Aantekeningen van de Maand van 64 tot 67 nTWO
  Tong/DzT/Aant/AvdM/J68-71.HTM 68.01.2 Aantekeningen van de Maand van 68 tot 71 nTWO
  Tong/DzT/Aant/AvdM/J72-75.HTM 72.17.1 Aantekeningen van de Maand van 72 tot 75 nTWO
  Tong/DzT/Aant/AvdM/J76-79.HTM 76.01.4 Aantekeningen van de Maand vanaf 76 nTWO
  Tong/DzT/Aant/JCDopers.HTM 73.18.64 'Omdopers op het Stadionplein'
  Tong/DzT/Aant/Kaaskop.HTM 67.16.4 'Morsebericht voor Kaaskoppen'
  Tong/DzT/Aant/Kalkoen.HTM 67.16.5 'Blijde kalkoenen'
  Tong/DzT/Aant/Staatsgr.HTM 70.48.4 'Soldaat van 'n Oranje staatsgreep'
  Tong/DzT/Aant/Voornaam.HTM 77.49.5 'Het klemtoonpatroon van voornamen'
  Tong/DzT/Aant/Wilhelm.HTM 76.03.7 'Wilhelmina de Frigide liet het verbieden'
  Tong/DzT/Aant/Zonder.HTM 67.23.3 'Kerstmis tot Pinksteren zonder inhoud'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Anders.HTM 72.43.1 'Iets anders voor dan'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Blank.HTM 78.20.3 'Blank was ik ...'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Chartres.HTM 62.44.2 'Chanson de Chartres / Wilhelmus van Nassouwe'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/DeTwee.HTM (59.04.5) 'De twee altijd nieuwen'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/DeWeg.HTM 72.35.5 'De Weg'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/DezeTaal.HTM 63.02.4 'Door Deze Taal verbonden'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Doesjers.HTM 78.27.2 'De broekdoesjers'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Dweilers.HTM 70.03.5 'De dweilers'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Erratum.HTM 79.20.1 'Het laatste erratum'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/HisBesef.HTM (54.20.2) 'Historisch besef'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Klotelot.HTM 79.15.6 'Het klotelot van 'n footballeur'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/KrysKris.HTM (56.33.2) 'De krijsende Kristin'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Nederlan.HTM 62.49.1 Het Lied der Nederlanden
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Sexposit.HTM 62.01.4 'Een grote ondernemersexpositie'
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/SMvM/ Gevreesd.HTM 76.50.1 'De mensen heb ik gevreesd' door Sonja van Mechelen
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/SMvM/ TerugLev.HTM 71.19.6 'Het teruggegeven leven' door Sonja van Mechelen
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/Waarheid.HTM (53.15.1) 'Verkrachte waarheid, vergeten waarde'
  Tong/DzT/Proza/Hutspot.HTM (61.11.4) 'Oranje hutspot'
  Tong/DzT/Proza/KatTrein.HTM (60.03.4) 'Kat op de trein'
  Tong/DzT/Proza/KladBlad.HTM 74.32.1 'Kladpapier'
  Tong/DzT/Proza/PlatLaan.HTM 75.44.2 'De Platanenlanenlaan'
  Tong/DzT/Spelling.HTM (52.04.2) Verantwoording v/d spelling
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MK&SM/ Brief/H9480720.HTM 66.50.6 Brief van Hetty aan Rini, '20 juli 1948'
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MK&SM/ Brief/R9480725.HTM 66.50.6 Brief van Rini aan Sonja, '25 juli 1948'
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MK&SM/ Brief/H9480731.HTM 66.50.6 Brief van Rini aan Sonja, '31 juli 1948'
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MK&SM/ Brief/S9480820.HTM 66.50.6 Brief van Sonja aan Rini, '20 augustus 1948'
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/0.HTM (51.31.6) Sonja Margaretha de Bie
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/00.HTM (51.32.2) Evertje van de Kamp
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/001.HTM 65.49.2 Jan van de Kamp
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/0010.HTM 65.49.4 Aaltje van de Kolk
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/0011.HTM 65.49.2 Jan (van de) Kamp
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/00111.HTM 65.52.1 Peter (van de) Kamp
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/01.HTM (51.32.2) Hubertus Cornelis de Bie
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/010.HTM 65.52.4 Antonia de Keijzer
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/011.HTM 65.52.3 Johannes de Bie
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/0110.HTM 65.52.4 Cornelia Dekker
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/0111.HTM 65.52.4 Johannes de Bie
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/01110.HTM 65.52.5 Catharina Veenhof
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/01111.HTM 65.52.5 Johannes de Bie
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/011100.HTM 65.52.7 Neeltien van Amerongen
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/1.HTM (51.31.6) Marinus Klaas van Mechelen
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/1110.HTM (57.04.2) Deliana Helena Maigret
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/11100.HTM 65.48.5 Dirkje de Graaf
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/11101.HTM 65.48.5 Josephus Jacobus Maigret
  Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/1111111.HTM (51.32.1) Petrus van Mechelen
  Tong/DzT/Tijd/Datum.HTM (54.51.6) 'Morgen wordt metrisch vandaag!'
  Tong/DzT/Tijd/Nieuwjrk.HTM (58.02.5) Eeuwige Nieuwjaarskaart
Page en Cette langue (page/pagina in Cette Langue):
  Tong/CeL/Poeme/LesDeux.HTM 79.28.5 'Les Deux tout le temps nouveaux'
Paĝo en Ĉi Tiu Lingvo (page/pagina in Ĉi Tiu Lingvo):
  Tong/CTL/Poem/Korvoj.HTM 66.45.4 'Korvoj de Vincent'
Spelling and Stress Dictionary with Vocabulary of Alliteration (accessible via Tong/ThL/Dict.htm and Poet/VocAll.htm):
  Dictionary letters in Tong/ThL/Dict/ folder:   A.HTM   B.HTM   C.HTM   D.HTM   E.HTM   F.HTM   G.HTM   H.HTM   I.HTM   L.HTM   N.HTM   O.HTM   P.HTM   R.HTM   T.HTM   W.HTM
  Vocabulary staves in Poet/VocAll/ folder:   A-AW.HTM   B.HTM   D.HTM   DH.HTM   E-EI.HTM   F.HTM   G.HTM   H.HTM   I.HTM   J.HTM   K.HTM   L.HTM   M.HTM   N.HTM   O-OO.HTM   P.HTM   R.HTM   S.HTM   SH.HTM   T.HTM   TH.HTM   U.HTM   V.HTM   W.HTM   Z.HTM
用这种语言的页 (pages/pagina's in Zhezhong Yuyan):
  Tong/ZzY/Biji/ Zuoye/Fangjian.HTM 65.49.3 '一套豪华的公寓房间'
  Tong/ZzY/Biji/ Zuoye/Gongzuo.HTM 66.43.1 '我的第一份永久的工作'
  Tong/ZzY/Biji/ Zuoye/Jinianri.HTM 65.47.7 '五月四日的音乐会'
  Tong/ZzY/Biji/ Zuoye/Nanjing.HTM 68.15.7 '南京,一点儿地理,一点儿历史'
  Tong/ZzY/Biji/ Zuoye/Qin-aide.HTM 66.09.7 '亲爱的平治'
  Tong/ZzY/Biji/ Zuoye/Wenming.HTM 66.03.4 '文明,但不闻名了'
  Tong/ZzY/Biji/ Zuoye/Zahui.HTM 65.48.1 '荷兰的杂烩'
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ HeMa.HTM [ANSI] 62.08.4 '河马和我'
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ HongGL.HTM 67.48.5 '红、光、亮'
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ Huafen.HTM 61.41.7 '神的划分'
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ ZzYuyan.HTM [UC] 63.02.4 '我们这种语言'
  Tong/ZzY/Shijian/ Henianp.HTM [ANSI] 61.51.3 万年历贺年片 (New Year card / Nieuwjaarskaart)


The PDF files for translations are semi-private and therefore not listed here. The following PDF file in Deze Taal, with a partial translation into This Language, is entirely public: Tong/DzT/Aant/ZonderKr.pdf ('Zonder Kruis of Kroon', added on 68.17.6).


As a rule an HTML file with Hanzi characters is saved in Unicode (UC) instead of ANSI, which uses opaque number codes for these characters. In such a case the one browser does not require the external CSS and JS files to be in Unicode as well, whereas the other one does. Therefore most CSS and JS files have been saved both as ANSI and UC files. (The name of the UC variant is then the ANSI name suffixed with _UC before .css or .js.) As a rule the contents of the ANSI and the UC file are the same, but they may differ as documents with Hanzi script may also differ in some other way from documents in Latin script only.

*.css files (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS/AllPages.css (ANSI&UC; for all text files, both nodal and basic)
CSS/Dict.css (ANSI; for Dictionary letter and Vocabulary stave files)
CSS/FotoBlok.css (ANSI&UC; for interactive text files with photo blocks)
CSS/GenBasic.css (ANSI&UC; for basic text files without a special style sheet)
CSS/GenNodal.css (ANSI&UC; for all nodal text files)
CSS/GP_SB.css (ANSI; for sliding block puzzles)

*.js files (JavaScript)

JS/AantvdM.js (ANSI; for Note of the Metric Month in Deze Taal)
JS/AdjWidth.js (ANSI&UC; for pages with an image wider than 600 pixels)
JS/Advice.js (ANSI; for writeAdviceO(N) in main index)
JS/BodyFnct.js (ANSI) [later replaced with HeadObjs.js and BodyObjs.js]
JS/BodyObjs.js (ANSI&UC; for objects inside and outside 'body' statement)
JS/BotPart.js (ANSI&UC; for Write_BotPart(S))
JS/EMail.js (ANSI; for e-mail address)
JS/FotoBlok.js (ANSI; for interactive Latin text files with photo blocks)
JS/FotoBlok_UC.js (UC; for interactive Hanzi text files with photo blocks)
JS/FramSub.js (ANSI&UC) [from 65.34.6 at beginning of BotPart.js]
JS/GP/CWHead.js (ANSI; for JS objects within the 'head' tags of crossword files)
JS/GP/JMHead.js (ANSI; like CWHead.js, but for 'cross-sentence' character puzzles)
JS/HeadObjs.js (ANSI&UC; for JS objects and non-JS data within the 'head' tags)
JS/MidPart.js (ANSI&UC; for writeMidPartO(S))
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JS/StatRaam.js (ANSI; Nl) & .../StatWind.js (ANSI; En) & .../StatWiRa.js (ANSI; bi) [later replaced with functions in BodyObjs.js]
JS/TopPart.js (ANSI&UC; for Write_TopPart(S))


As noted above, the large number of pictures of China in the Zhongguo folder are not listed separately, nor included in the totals, with the exception of a few special illustrations. However, all the picture and background files located in the Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong folder are included here.

For the names of all Zhongguo picture files, listed and unlisted, the following type of code is used: N3E2A001.jpg. The first letter is N for all pictures in the old notation; it is H for horizontal (landscape) pictures and V for vertical (portrait) pictures in the new notation used from 66 aSWW. The first figure denotes the degree of reduction: 2 for about half the original, 3 for about a quarter and 6 for one thirty-second. The second letter identifies the camera used. The second figure is the number of the trip to the country in which the photographs were taken; 2 for the second trip in 62 aSWW, 3 for the third trip in 66 aSWW. The third letter must be looked at in combination with the 3-digit number at the end, which is given by the camera. If the same number is given to different pictures on different memory cards, different letters are used to distinguish between series of pictures.

*.gif, *.jpg and *.png files

Art/Foto/Album/Cover1.jpg (6 kB; 120x78)
Art/Foto/Album/Pics/Tr1_13.jpg (154 kB)  .../Tr1_14.jpg (100 kB)  .../Tr1_15.jpg (85 kB)  .../Tr1_16.jpg (85 kB)  .../Tr1_17.jpg (105 kB)  .../Tr1_18.jpg (88 kB)  .../Tr1_19.jpg (100 kB)  .../Tr1_20.jpg (80 kB)  .../Tr1_21.jpg (87 kB)  .../Tr1_22.jpg (125 kB)  .../Tr1_23.jpg (109 kB)  .../Tr1_24.jpg (123 kB)  .../Tr2_13.jpg (63 kB)  .../Tr2_14.jpg (81 kB)  .../Tr2_15.jpg (108 kB)  .../Tr2_16.jpg (109 kB)  .../Tr2_17.jpg (56 kB)  .../Tr2_18.jpg (94 kB)  .../Tr2_19.jpg (91 kB)  .../Tr2_20.jpg (84 kB)  .../Tr2_21.jpg (89 kB)  .../Tr2_22.jpg (66 kB)  .../Tr2_23.jpg (94 kB)  .../Tr2_24.jpg (99 kB) (the first half of these TRINPsite Album pictures 482x636, the second half 482x408)
Art/Foto/Geo/Braz/APNegr01.jpg (180 kB; 1024x768)  .../APNegr02.jpg (11 kB; 82x62)(copy)  .../Brennd01.jpg (227 kB; 768x1024)  .../Brennd02.jpg (10 kB; 62x82)(copy)  .../Change01.jpg (203 kB; 768x1024)  .../Change02.jpg (10 kB; 62x82)(copy)  .../CJPess01.jpg (192 kB; 1024x768)  .../CJPess02.jpg (10 kB; 82x62)(copy)  .../OhLind01.jpg (207 kB; 1024x768)  .../OhLind02.jpg (10 kB; 82x62)(copy)  .../ScenBr01.jpg (165 kB; 768x1024)  .../ScenBr02.jpg (9 kB; 62x82)(copy)  .../Yemanj01.jpg (143 kB; 768x1024)  .../Yemanj02.jpg (9 kB; 62x82)(copy)
Art/Foto/Geo/SAfr/Pics/BikeTrip2801.jpg (451 kB, H*; Knysna)  .../BoatTrip1367.jpg (383 kB, H; Knysna)  .../Bo-Kaap2911.jpg (381 kB, H; Cape Town)  .../Bushland3551.jpg (896 kB, H; Hluhluwe)  .../Bushland4353.jpg (910 kB, V*; Hluhluwe)  .../Candles1224.jpg (438 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../Candles1229.jpg (689 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../Candles1235.jpg (409 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../Candles1240.jpg (497 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../Canyon.jpg (83 kB, 310x230; Canyon)  .../Canyon1131.jpg (541 kB, H; Canyon)  .../Canyon1146.jpg (864 kB, V; Canyon)  .../Canyon1147.jpg (484 kB, V; Canyon) (also background for reductions of Southern Africa photos)  .../Canyon1150.jpg (815 kB, 912x1216; Canyon)  .../Durban1292.jpg (643 kB, H; Durban)  .../Durban1295.jpg (473 kB, H; Durban)  .../Durban1300.jpg (738 kB, V; Durban)  .../FlightBk1496.jpg (206 kB, V; flight from Cape Town to Istanbul)  .../Forthcom.jpg (3 kB, 128x128; background for miniatures)  .../GameRes1283.jpg (528 kB, H; Hluhluwe)  .../GameRes1289.jpg (491 kB, 696x928; Hluhluwe)  .../GameRes1291.jpg (996 kB, H; Hluhluwe)  .../HutHotel1242.jpg (770 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../Island1429.jpg (470 kB, H; Robben Island)  .../Knysna1374.jpg (762 kB, H; Knysna)  .../KrugerPk.jpg (88 kB, 310x230; Kruger Park in Mpumalanga)  .../KrugerPk1162.jpg (493 kB, V; Kruger Park)  .../KrugerPk1167.jpg (602 kB, H; Kruger Park)  .../KrugerPk1175.jpg (822 kB, V; Kruger Park)  .../KrugerPk1178.jpg (605 kB, H; Kruger Park)  .../KrugerPk1190.jpg (1035 kB, H; Kruger Park)  .../KrugerPk1196.jpg (460 kB, H; Kruger Park)  .../KrugerPk1199.jpg (953 kB, H; Kruger Park)  .../KrugerPk1201.jpg (548 kB, H; Kruger Park)  .../KrugerPk1204.jpg (608 kB, V; Kruger Park) (also background for reductions of Mpumalanga photos)  .../KrugerPk1206.jpg (356 kB, H; Kruger Park)  .../LongTomP1124.jpg (481 kB, H; Mpumalanga)  .../LongTomP1126.jpg (533 kB, 1216x912; Mpumalanga)  .../MosselB1379.jpg (519 kB, H; Mossel Bay)  .../NandiTr.jpg (161 kB, 310x413; Swaziland)  .../NandiTr1219.jpg (696 kB, V; Swaziland) (also background for reductions of Swaziland photos)  .../Ngwenya1818.jpg (413 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../Ngwenya2720.jpg (494 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../PortEliz1235.jpg (519 kB, V; Port Elizabeth)  .../Prison1441.jpg (314 kB, V; Robben Island)  .../Rocklnds1143.jpg (592 kB, V; Cape Town)  .../Senses.jpg (668 kB, 1550x1163; Durban)  .../Senses1311.jpg (479 kB, H; Durban)  .../SAFlag1328.jpg (723 kB, H; Durban) (also background for reductions of KwaZulu-Natal photos)  .../Show3004.jpg (697 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../Show3258.jpg (671 kB, H; Swaziland)  .../Stellenb1466.jpg (482 kB, H; Stellenbosch)  .../Stellenb1467.jpg (580 kB, H; Stellenbosch)  .../TableM1409.jpg (411 kB, H; Cape Town) (also background for reductions of Western Cape photos)  .../Tablebrg.jpg (57 kB, 310x230; Cape Town)  .../Voortrek1094.jpg (623 kB, H; Pretoria)  .../Waterfr1423.jpg (452 kB, H; Cape Town)  .../Winery1481.jpg (505 kB, H; Stellenbosch) (* H stands for 1280x960, V for 960x1280)
Art/Foto/Geo/Zhong/BgF2A138.jpg (101 kB; 1024x768) (background for Beijing photos)  .../BgF2A177.jpg (96 kB; 512x687) (for Xi-an photos)  .../BgF2A237.jpg (106 kB; 1024x768) (for train and plane photos)  .../BgF2B148.jpg (106 kB; 512x687) (for Pingyao photos)  .../BgF2B253.jpg (94 kB; 512x687) (for Yangshuo photos)  .../BgF2D303.jpg (86 kB; 512x687) (for Guangzhou photos)  .../BgF3A637.jpg (79 kB; 512x688) (for Luoyang photos)  .../BgF3A707.jpg (140 kB; 1024x764) (for Presidential Palace photos)  .../BgF3A718.jpg (74 kB; 512x687) (for Nanjing photos)  .../BgF3A738.jpg (109 kB; 1024x764) (for Nanjing Museum photos)
 .../H2F3A641.jpg (352 kB; 1030x768)  .../H6F3A641.jpg (41 kB; 80x60)(copy)  .../N2E2A380.jpg (580 kB; 1024x768)  .../N6E2A380.jpg (7 kB; 80x60)(copy)  .../N2F2A100.jpg (679 kB; 768x1030)  .../N6F2A100.jpg (7 kB; 60x80)(copy)  .../N2F2A234.jpg (489 kB; 1030x768)  .../N6F2A234.jpg (7 kB; 80x60)(copy)  .../N2F2B170.jpg (608 kB; 768x1030)  .../N6F2B170.jpg (7 kB; 60x80)(copy)  .../N2F2B316.jpg (673 kB; 768x1030)  .../N6F2B316.jpg (7 kB; 60x80)(copy)  .../N2F2D321.jpg (580 kB; 1030x768)  .../N6F2D321.jpg (8 kB; 80x60)(copy)  .../V2F3A680.jpg (258 kB; 680x970)  .../V6F3A720.jpg (51 kB; 60x80)(copy)
Art/Paint/Linen.gif (4 kB; 60x60)
Art/Paint/Rien/CrATaft01.gif (3 kB; 40x48)(copy)  .../Geslui01.gif (4 kB; 56x38)(copy)  .../PrtMch01.gif (3 kB; 42x50)(copy)  .../PrtSon01.gif (2 kB; 38x47)(copy)  .../RiCrATaf.gif  .../RiGeslui.gif  .../RiPrtMch.gif  .../RiPrtSon.gif  .../RiPrtVnc.gif (copy)  .../RiSpBron.gif  .../RiVerzet.gif  .../SpBron01.gif (3 kB; 37x54)(copy)  .../Verzet01.gif (4 kB; 42x55)(copy)  .../WNRamp01.gif (60 kB; 264x345)  .../WNRPrt01.gif (311 kB; 930x714)(part of WNRamp01)  .../WNRPrt02.gif (3 kB; 46x36)(copy)  .../WNRPrtBg.gif (275 kB; 1440x470)(top of part of WNRamp01)
Art/Paint/Sonj/DDames01.gif (270 kB; 608x746)  .../DDames02.gif (3kB; 31x38)(copy)  .../Harmon01.gif (264 kB; 816x654)  .../Harmon02.gif (3 kB; 41x33)(copy)  .../GebGst01.gif (copy)  .../HerMor01.gif (copy)  .../Katedr01.gif (207 kB; 676x874)  .../Katedr02.gif (2 kB; 34x44)(copy)  .../LosAar01.gif (256 kB; 808x680)  .../LosAar02.gif (3 kB; 41x34)(copy)  .../SoGebGst.gif  .../SoHerMor.gif  .../SoVrkNrd.gif  .../VrkNrd01.gif (copy)
Art/Paint/Tranen01.gif (308 kB; 802x656)
Art/Pict/AsCreage.gif (46 kB; 560x200)  .../DoDdSign.jpg (125 kB; 600x450)  .../MissLink.gif (16 kB; 358x175)  .../SyCreate.gif (91 kB; 718x350)

BgDocBl.gif   Bkgr1.gif (copy) [to be replaced with Graf/Bkgr/1.gif]
ButtonBl.gif   ButtonRd.gif (not unique)

En/Pics/Danny1.jpg  .../Danny2.jpg [for /MyPussy.HTM]
En/ShSt/SparrL80.jpg [for .../Sparrow.HTM]

FramBot1.gif   FramTop1.gif [to be replaced with Graf/Fram/Bot1.gif to .../Top8.gif]

Graf/Bkgr/1.gif (until F7 outside background, nodal) (4 kB; 156x156)
Graf/Bkgr/2.gif (until F7 inside=table background, nodal, general) (1 kB; 2x2)
Graf/Bkgr/6.gif (until F7 outside background, basic) (4 kB; 156x156) (copy)
Graf/Bkgr/7.gif (until F7 inside=table background, basic, general) (1 kB; 2x2) (copy)
Graf/Bkgr/Body1.gif & .../Body2.gif & .../Body3.gif & .../Body6.gif & .../Body7.gif & .../Body8.gif (1 kB; 64x30) (copies, in use from F8)
Graf/Bkgr/CatArrDU.gif (1 kB; 42x31) ('Catena Arrows Down-Up' panel background)
Graf/Bkgr/Elephant.gif (164 kB; 600x400) (an elephant)
Graf/Bkgr/FilmL.gif (1 kB; 16x30) & .../FilmM.gif (2 kB; 1000x30) & .../FilmR.gif (1 kB; 16x30) (connect internal frames on the right)
Graf/Bkgr/GradBlGr.gif (8 kB; 1024x16) & .../GradBlWh.gif (same) (backgrounds for inline frames of nodal/basic main page)
Graf/Bkgr/HalfTrsp.gif (1 kB; 60x60) (half transparent) [for JS/PostPage.js; cp HalfTrsp.gif]
Graf/Bkgr/HeMa.gif (4 kB; 600x360) (he2 and ma3 characters)
Graf/Bkgr/LinenBrd.gif (8 kB; 200x200) (derived from Art/Paint/Linen.gif)
Graf/Bkgr/MidP1.gif & .../MidP2.gif & .../MidP3.gif & .../MidP6.gif & .../MidP7.gif & .../MidP8.gif (1 kB; 2x20) (transparent, in use from F8)
Graf/Bkgr/NanHong.gif (174 kB; 600x750) (Nanjing red)
Graf/Bkgr/OCOC.gif (4 kB; 600x220) (outline Cross, outline Crescent)
Graf/Bkgr/Paper.gif (7 kB; 100x80)
Graf/Bkgr/Petrglph.jpg (183 kB; 600x448) (petroglyphs)
Graf/Bkgr/ZhongGuo.gif (4 kB; 600x400) (zhong1 and guo2 characters)

Graf/Fram/Bot1.gif (nodal, En) & .../Bot2.gif (nodal, bi/multi) & .../Bot3.gif (nodal, Nl) & .../Bot6.gif (basic, En) & .../Bot7.gif (basic, bi/multi) & .../Bot8.gif (basic, Nl) (4 kB; 600x31) .../MVVMBot.png (2 kB; 600x31)
Graf/Fram/Top1.gif (nodal, En) & .../Top2.gif (nodal, bi/multi) & .../Top3.gif (nodal, Nl) & .../Top6.gif (basic, En) & .../Top7.gif (basic, bi/multi) & .../Top8.gif (basic, Nl) (4 kB; 600x31) .../MVVMTop.png (2 kB; 600x31)

Graf/Icon/ButtnBl.gif (3 kB; 32x32) (copy of ButtnBl.gif)
Graf/Icon/CatButtn.gif (2 kB; 31x31) ('Catena button')
Graf/Icon/HeartBL.gif & .../HeartBR.gif & .../HeartTL.gif & .../HeartTR.gif (1 kB; 16x16) (for heart/whole body option)
Graf/Icon/ISpeakrD.png & .../ISpeakrU.png (1 kB; 31x31) (player button)
Graf/Icon/MVVMBiO1.gif & .../MVVMBiO3.gif & .../MVVMEnO1.gif & .../MVVMNlO1.gif & .../VoAT1.gif & .../VoAT3.gif (*.gif pictures of *.ico ikons shown below)
Graf/Icon/NavDown.png & .../NavUp.png (2 kB; 23x19) (navigation button)
Graf/Icon/ResizeL.gif (1 kB; 27x30) (for smaller text)
Graf/Icon/ResizeR.gif (1 kB; 27x30) (for larger text)(mirror-image-like copy)
Graf/Icon/SizeSwU.png (1 kB; 27x27) (for paintings)(rotated-image-like copy)
Graf/Icon/Speaker.gif (2 kB; 31x31) (loudspeaker)

Graf/VLP/ArrBotL1.gif (nodal, En) (4 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL2.gif (nodal, bi) (4 kB; 200x100) (copy of ArrBotL1.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL3.gif (nodal, Nl) (2 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL6.gif (basic, En) (4 kB) (copy of ArrBotL1.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL7.gif (basic, bi) (4 kB) (copy of ArrBotL1.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL8.gif (basic, Nl) (2 kB) (copy of ArrBotL3.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR1.gif (nodal, En) (3 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR2.gif (nodal, bi) (3 kB; 200x100) (copy of ArrBotR1.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR3.gif (nodal, Nl) (3 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR6.gif (basic, En) (3 kB) (copy of ArrBotR1.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR7.gif (basic, bi) (3 kB) (copy of ArrBotR1.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR8.gif (basic, Nl) (3 kB) (copy of ArrBotR3.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC1.gif (nodal, En) (2 kB; 570x45)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC2.gif (nodal, bi) (2 kB) (not unique)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC3.gif (nodal, Nl) (2 kB) (not unique)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC6.gif (basic, En) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC7.gif (basic, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC8.gif (basic, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)

Graf/VLP/IniBotL1.gif (nodal, En) (4 kB) (copy) [cp Pics/(En/ or Nl/)IniBotL1.gif]
Graf/VLP/IniBotL2.gif (nodal, bi) (4 kB) (copy of ArrBotL2.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL3.gif (nodal, Nl) (2 kB) (copy of ArrBotL3.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL6.gif (basic, En) (4 kB) (copy of IniBotL1.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL7.gif (basic, bi) (4 kB) (copy of IniBotL2.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL8.gif (basic, Nl) (1 kB) (copy of IniBotL3.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR1.gif (nodal, En) (3 kB) (copy) [cp Pics/(En/ or Nl/)IniBotR1.gif]
Graf/VLP/IniBotR2.gif (nodal, bi) (3 kB) (copy of ArrBotR2.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR3.gif (nodal, Nl) (3 kB) (copy of ArrBotR3.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR6.gif (basic, En) (2 kB) (copy of IniBotR1.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR7.gif (basic, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR8.gif (basic, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC1.gif (nodal, En) (2 kB; 570x45) [cp Pics/(En/ or Nl/)IniTopT1.gif]
Graf/VLP/IniTopC2.gif (nodal, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC3.gif (nodal, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC6.gif (basic, En) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC7.gif (basic, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC8.gif (basic, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)

Graf/VLP/NewBotL1.gif (nodal, En) (2 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL2.gif (nodal, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL3.gif (nodal, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL6.gif (basic, En) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL7.gif (basic, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL8.gif (basic, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR1.gif (nodal, En) (2 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR2.gif (nodal, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR3.gif (nodal, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR6.gif (basic, En) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR7.gif (basic, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR8.gif (basic, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC1.gif (nodal, En) (2 kB; 570x45)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC2.gif (nodal, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC3.gif (nodal, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC6.gif (basic, En) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC7.gif (basic, bi) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC8.gif (basic, Nl) (2 kB) (copy)

HalfTrsp.gif [cp Graf/Bkgr/HalfTrsp.gif]
MVVM-B.gif  MVVM-EnM.gif  MVVM-NlM.gif  MVVM-O.gif

Nl/Par600CL.jpg [for .../Stamboom.htm]
Nl/Poezie/BkgrXmas.gif [for .../JoelKalk.HTM]  .../Nanapol.gif [for .../GrafKrem.HTM]  .../XmasTrn.gif [for .../JoelKalk.HTM]
Nl/Stamboom/0/Sonj200BW.gif (18 kB; 200x260; copy)  .../Sonj600.jpg (102 kB; 600x800) [for .../Poezie.HTM]
(Nl/Stamboom/Genealog/keyr4.jpg & .../mid2.jpg & .../sep30.jpg)
Nl/Zaken/Euro/Euro.gif (7 kB; 200x100) & .../GdMNoFl.gif (3 kB; 170x113) & .../Rundschr.gif (2 kB; 330x17) & .../SSBuckle.jpg (7kB; 125x111)
Nl/Zaken/Retecool/AHROHD.png (118 kB; 200x368) .../Artikel.gif (3 kB; 255x55) .../Attribut.jpg (72 kB; 300x165) .../HRothX.jpg (1 kB; 60x85) .../Par300CL.jpg (22 kB; 300x200) .../PrtMchX.gif (4 kB; 95x130) .../QuMark.gif (2 kB; 150x225) .../Timmrman.gif (27 kB; 455x193)

Pics/Anno51.gif (2 kB; 64x64) & .../ASWW51.gif (same size, not unique)
Pics/ButtCls.gif (1 kB; 14x16) (window button for closing)
Pics/ButtMax.gif (1 kB; 14x16) (window button for maximization/full screen)
Pics/ButtMed.gif (1 kB; 14x16) (window button for medium size screen)
Pics/ButtMin.gif (1 kB; 14x16) (window button for minimization/blurring)
Pics/En/IniBotL1.gif [to be replaced with Graf/VLP/IniBotL1.gif & ...6.gif]  .../IniBotR1.gif [Graf/VLP/IniBotR1.gif & ...6.gif]  .../IniTopT1.gif [Graf/VLP/IniTopC1.gif & ...6.gif]
Pics/IndPastC.png (2 kB; 160x80)
Pics/IniBotL1.gif [to be replaced with Graf/VLP/IniBotL2.gif & ...7.gif]  .../IniBotR1.gif [Graf/VLP/IniBotR2.gif & ...7.gif]  .../IniTopT1.gif [Graf/VLP/IniTopC2.gif & ...7.gif]
Pics/MetCalMv.gif (23 kB; 64x64)
Pics/MP3_S180.jpg (38 kB; 180x180) (270x270 original artwork for MP3 files)
Pics/NedLucht.jpg (8 kB; 600x400)
Pics/Nl/IniBotL1.gif [to be replaced with Graf/VLP/IniBotL3.gif & ...8.gif]  .../Nl/IniBotR1.gif [Graf/VLP/IniBotR3.gif & ...8.gif]  .../Nl/IniTopT1.gif [Graf/VLP/IniTopC3.gif & ...8.gif]
Pics/Profile.gif (20 kB; 166x288) (copy)
Pics/Wangzhan.gif (3 kB; 220x32)
Pics/WebsiteN.png (13 kB; 200x90) (copy) & ...W.png (13kB, 360x72) (nameplate for the entire MVVM website)
Pics/Zhongwen.gif (1 kB; 32x64)
Poet/Pics/FifteenA.png (15 kB; 592x478) (used in VocAll.htm)
Poet/Pics/NewTab.png (1 kB; 32x32) (target switching symbol)
Poet/Pics/P_P3.png (27 kB; 312x320) (not unique: screenshot)
Poet/Pics/SameTab.png (1 kB; 32x32) (target switching symbol)

Tong/DzT/Aant/Pics/FueD.jpg (81 kB; 160x240)  .../GeusTxt.jpg (24 kB; 664x100)  .../StadBkg.jpg (195 kB; 600x300)  .../Stadionp.jpg (15 kB; 280x100)  .../StadWPlK.jpg (80 kB; 555x110)
Tong/DzT/Proza/Pics/PlatLaan.jpg (15 kB; 442x100)
Tong/DzT/Stam/MK&SM/Brief/Pics/Praalwag1.jpg (11 kB; 240x175)  .../Praalwag2.jpg (16 kB; 240x175)  .../Praalwag3.jpg (22 kB; 240x175)
Tong/DzT/Stam/MVvM/Pics/Rini.jpg (41 kB; 150x225)  .../Sonja.jpg (72 kB; 150x225)
Tong/Pics/Monnik.gif (44 kB; 288x144)
Tong/ThL/Fict/Pics/AuMor600.jpg (20 kB; 600x420) (used in FallDay.HTM)
Tong/ThL/Fict/Pics/Triptych_Prt1.jpg (13 kB; 120x155)  .../Triptych_Whole_120.jpg (15 kB; 120x155) (used in Triptych.htm)
Tong/ThL/Fict/ShSt/Pics/QwertyTr.png (5 kB; 512x96) (used in Rainbow.HTM)
Tong/ThL/Note/Math/Pics/Chong1.gif & ...7.gif (2 kB each) & Chong8.gif (3 kB)  .../ChongL0.gif & ...L5.gif (1 kB; 37x29)  .../ChongLAB.gif (2 kB; 177x150)  .../Functor.gif (2 kB; 122x44)  .../Inverse.gif (2 kB; 135x45)  .../Overview.gif (4 kB; 377x141)
Tong/ThL/Note/Pics/HWindsor.jpg (13 kB; 120x280)  .../LilyBgTr.png (23 kB; 300x300)  .../LilyP10T.png (67 kB; 300x273)
Tong/ThL/Note/Pics/Maya/Itza1926.jpg (185 kB; 375x375)  .../M00Sq32.gif & /M01... & /M02... & /M03... & /M04... & /M05... & /M10... & /M12... & /M13... (all nine 1 kB; 32x32; three unique)  .../Uxm1845.png (441 kB; 600x300) (used in WestHemi.HTM)
Tong/ThL/Note/Pow2/Pics/LogoBin.gif & /LogoDen.gif (both 4kB; 180x140) & /Pow2RGB.png (21kB; 600x360) & /Pow2RGBl.png, & /Pow2RGrB.png & /Pow2RdGB.png (all three 7kB; 600x120) (used in LeaveBeh.HTM)
Tong/ThL/Poem/Pics/Auschwitz.jpg (110 kB; 600x140) Tong/ThL/Poem/Pics/HouSparr.png (210 kB; 576x570)  .../House_Sparrow_CrC.png (193 kB; 500x340) (used in WSB_Day.HTM)
Tong/ThL/Time/Pics/DiaryCov.png (29 kB; 123x174)  .../MCMD_Cov.png (31 kB; 123x174) (used in Metric.htm)
Tong/TongCovr.jpg (11kB; 125x178) (used in Tong.htm)


Zhongguo (China) photo collection containing 441 medium-size reductions (512, 515 or 516 wide or high) and an equal number of miniatures (80 wide or high) not listed in this document
  Zhongguo/Nanjing/Zongtong/Tianwang.jpg (16 kB; 200x120) (for Zongtong.htm)
  Zhongguo/Yangshuo/Beibian/BgE2A422.jpg (104 kB; 1024x768) (for Beibian.htm)
  Zhongguo/Yangshuo/YulongHe/N5F2A257.jpg (40 kB; 160x120) (for Zhong.htm)


The first two ikons below are desktop ikons of 32x32 pixels and 16 colors. They are not part of MVVM on-line. The other ikons are ikons of 16x16 pixels and 16 colors. Dependent on the browser used, they appear on-line before the address of the page or when it is added to the Favorites, provided that there is a shortcut link in the source code or a favicon.ico copy in the directory concerned. What you see here are not the ikons themselves but the corresponding *.gif pictures.

*.ico files

Note: the last character in the name of the ikon is a figure which stands for its size (1 for 16, 2 for double 16, 3 for 32, 4 for 48 by 48 pixels), the second-last character a letter which stands for its transparency (O for opaque and T for transparent).
MVVMBiO3.ico, for the bilingual MVVM site as a whole
Poet/VocAll/VoAT3.ico, for the multi-site Vocabulary of Alliteration

En/MVVMEnO1.ico and En/favicon.ico (copy), for files in This Language, such as En.htm
MVVMBiO1.ico and favicon.ico (copy), for bilingual files and files without a special ikon
Nl/MVVMNlO1.ico and Nl/favicon.ico (copy), for files in Deze Taal, such as Nl.htm
Poet/VocAll/VoAT1.ico and Poet/VocAll/favicon.ico (copy), for files of the Vocabulary of Alliteration


*.mp3 & *.MP3 files/bestanden

Geluidsbestanden van Het Lied der Nederlanden:
  Sound/Acrostic/LdNn_PSO.mp3 (2660 kB)(lineaire versie)
  Sound/Acrostic/LdNe_PSO.mp3 (2242 kB)(cirkulaire versie)
MP3 collection/-verzameling:
  Sound/Box1/100PiAiM.MP3 to /259PiAiM.MP3
  (for the most part copies of MVVM and TRINPsite files /
  grotendeels kopiëen van MVVM- en TRINPsite-bestanden)
Geluidsbestanden van De twee altijd nieuwen /
Sound files of The two that will always be new:
  Sound/DeThe2/De2RCM1.mp3 (988 kB)
  Sound/DeThe2/The2RCM1.mp3 (1300 kB)
Geluidsbestanden van (andere) gedichten in Deze Taal:
  Sound/DzT/Poezie/DezeTaal.mp3 (3308 kB)
  Sound/DzT/Poezie/HisBesef.mp3 (3260 kB)
  Sound/DzT/Poezie/Raven.mp3 (3399 kB)
Geluidsbestand van Kat op de trein:
  Sound/DzT/Proza/KatTrein.mp3 (5231 kB)
Geluidsbestand van Als mijn graf nog leeg is ...:
  Sound/GrafKrem/GrafKrCD.mp3 (806 kB)
Geluidsbestanden van Retekool en luierwerk:
  Sound/Retecool/HCoHKl1.mp3 (301 kB)(kopie)
  Sound/Retecool/The2Kl1.mp3 (266 kB)(kopie)
Symmetrical music / Symmetrische muziek
  Sound/SymMusic/AipiAM.mp3 (363 kB)
  Sound/SymMusic/ArsrASy3.mp3 (1428 kB)
  Sound/SymMusic/NchcN1ES.mp3 (894 kB)
  Sound/SymMusic/PiaSOy3.mp3 (1002 kB)(same source as / zelfde bron als AipiAM)
  Sound/SymMusic/RrarRM.mp3 (382 kB)
  Sound/SymMusic/SynySMy3.mp3 (575 kB)
  Sound/SymMusic/SyoySSy3.mp3 (1506 kB)
  Sound/SymMusic/TtrtTSy1.mp3 (4940 kB)
  Sound/SymMusic/WhlhW4SE.mp3 (1920 kB)
Four sound files of The Chong Operators, a universalization in arithmetic:
  Sound/ThL/Note/Chong1.mp3 (2338 kB), Sound/ThL/Note/Chong2.mp3 (3436 kB), Sound/ThL/Note/Chong3.mp3 (6891 kB) and Sound/ThL/Note/Chong4.mp3 (2391 kB)
One sound file of Christmas to Pentecost without Substance:
  Sound/ThL/Note/Without.mp3 (8189 kB)
Sound files of (other) poems in This Language:
  Sound/ThL/Poem/Elephant.mp3 (9770 kB)
  Sound/ThL/Poem/HongGL_E.mp3 (1801 kB)
  Sound/ThL/Poem/NitasSFO.mp3 (1667 kB)
  Sound/ThL/Poem/RussGas.mp3 (2822 kB)
  Sound/ThL/Poem/ThisLang.mp3 (5890 kB)
Sound files of a poem and song from Triptych of Times:
  Sound/Triptych/CryingE.mp3 (3051 kB)
  Sound/Triptych/JesusSib.mp3 (2957 kB)
Sound files of poems in Zhezhong Yuyan:
  Sound/ZzY/Shige/HongGL_C.mp3 (1307 kB)
  Sound/ZzY/Shige/ZzYuy1.mp3 (582 kB)
Sound file of Korvoj de Vincent, a poem in Ĉi Tiu Lingvo:
  Sound/CTL/Poem/Korvoj.mp3 (3638 kB)


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